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We are a team of certified European Lawyers with a seasoned experience in Blockchain law, compliance and IT/IP rights.

With blockchain legal experience dating back to 2016, we provide a wide array of services to developers and inversors alike.


Crypto Legal Advice is perfect whether you are:

  • The owner of a project under developement and want to ensure legal compliance and proper auditing gets you the advantage compared to other projects,

  • Representing a development team for a project which has already launched but want to be safe of any legal unwanted consequences,

  • Just want to add an extra layer of protection and ensure that investors are more easliy inclined to invest in your project,

  • looking for a legal audit in order to provide holders and potential investors with an extra badge of merits for the project you are developing, or

  • Just encountered a legal possible issue and you want to solve it from a blockchain legal perspective,

You are in the correct place. We assist on all the above and much more.

When required, we also collaborate with U.S. based lawyers, for cases like Howey diagram interpretasions before the Office of the Controller of the Currency, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, etc.

With relevant experience also in corporate law, real estate or criminal/forensic backgrounds, we offer a complete package for cryptocurrency projects in all their development stages.

Regardless of being a startup/ICO, launching soon or already launched on the market, we have complete legal solutions which will offer your project credibility and also gain your investor’s trust in the process.

Just feel free to get in touch with us using the contact form, telegram direct contact or our e-mail address.