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What We Do

Cryptocurrency Audit

We provide Audit services for Cryptocurrency projects, both under development and already launched. You will see what your key strengths and weaknesses are and have time to react to prevent any legal complications. Moreover, your investors will exponentially increase.

Legal Compliance

Stay ahead of competition and verify your legal rights and obligations. Instead of being directly fined or criminally charged with felonies, try to pre-emptively address potential legal compliance issues from an early stage.

Intellectual Property

Many Cryptocurrency projects have Intellectual Property issues. In fact, names, logos, affiliations and especially NFT's are a potential legal disaster for you as project owners. Avoid the legal complications by turning to legal proffessionals.

Security or Utility?
Howey Test

The well known Howey Test will answer valuable questions required to categorize your cryptocurrency project. The delimitations between security and utility assets is vital on taxation and legal consequences.

NFT Launch and Compliance

NFT projects opened up a new era of legal challenges, from intellectual property, to copyrights infringement and many more. If you want to invest in an NFT Project or own/develop one as we speak, we can help avoid some of the legal hassles.

Cryptocurrency Forensic Investigations

Having serious doubts regarding a cryptocurrency project? Did you think of investing or already invested and want to know what lies behind the corporate veil/the initial developers of the project? Reach out to us and we will help

Who We Are

We are certified European Lawyers with a seasoned experience in Blockchain law, compliance and IT/IP rights. We also collaborate with U.S. based lawyers when required, for cases like Howey diagram interpretasions before the Office of the Controller of the Currency, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, etc.
With relevant experience also in corporate law, real estate or criminal/forensic backgrounds, we offer a complete package for cryptocurrency projects in all their development stages.
Regardless of being a startup/ICO, launching soon or already launched on the market, we have complete legal solutions which will offer your project credibility and also gain your investor’s trust in the process.

Why legal assistance is important

Imagine investing 5 digit figures into a cryptocurrency project as a developer  only to find out there is a small thing which you missed but now you have to either close or rebrand your product. Months or years of work going down the drain for what could have been a single question or a short audit for a small fee.
It would be great if you could turn back time and hire cryptocurrency legal advice proffessionals to take care of this at an early stage for you.
Unfortunately, time travel does not exist (yet) and we strongly advise it would be prudent to diligently address experts such as we are in order to pre-emptively assess the status of your project.
There are many other situations, such as described above in our services list, which can require the legal assistance. Here at Crypto Legal Advice you will be treated as our partener and we address things in a transparent manner.